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Fishie Wishes
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Ponies and plushies!

I'm usually open for plush work (or will at least be able to offer a quote!!). Feel free to drop me a note, I am also happy to do trades for plush work!

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Evening all! 

Just checking in with some general updates and a big annoucement!

All work on my current list is planned to be completed before the end of July - those with Galacon deadlines will get priority as the time gets closer!
I am NOT attending Galacon myself - just I have a few clients who will be! I will be working on Carousel Gala Rarity in my spare time and she will be getting a new pattern which will be made available when she is finished.

Now, announcement time!

Due to having time off work coming up I intend to take on work to be completed over August-October - I will be opening for TEN slots, these are slots for Princesses, Chibis, Stallions, Mares, Colts and Fillies. I will also be launching NEW beanie style plush (examples are in progress!) designed to sit on your shoulder. Additionally I will be opening for large scaled plush (not life sized JUST yet!) and accepting quotes for changelings and gryphons. 

THESE SLOTS ARE OPEN -NOW- - I may possibly be opening for further slots as I progress through the list. I have a large amount of time from work coming up over August so I intend for most of these slots to be completed by September. 

Slots WILL be filled first come first served - I will keep people in a "reserve" queue though so when a NEW slot is opening up I will message you to see if you are still interested.

PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO CLAIM A SLOT OR REQUEST A QUOTE - All quotes are valid for 30 days.

What I will be taking on:
All base pony races - Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus, Alicorn, Zebra, Bat Pony. 
I will be willing to attempt a gryphon or changeling this round.
There are certain canon ponies I really want to make so I am willing to offer a small additional discount on the following if wanted as a standard plush:
Princess Luna
Starlight Glimmer
Any G1/G3 to g4 style pony
Any Mane 6 pony

Mares - size approx 12" from hoof to top of head
Stallions - size approx 14" from hoof to top of head
Colts - size approx 8" from hoof to top of head
Fillies - size approx 8" from hoof to top of head
Princesses - size approx 16" from hoof to top of head
All sizes are from hoof to top of head and do not include hair, horns or wings.
All cutiemarks, eyes and embroidery work are designed and embroidered by myself. 

PRICING (PLEASE NOTE: these prices do not have discounts applied to them and are my standard base prices)
Mares and Stallions - start at £80
Colts and Fillies - start at £50
Chibis - start at £60
Princesses - start at £120

Plush Price List by fishiewishes

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